Penghargaan Produsen Plastik Ramah Lingkungan

Plastic Manufacture Company of the Year is …

Plastic industry supports and generates products that are beneficial to the society and other industries. It is a modern invention of the century that has brought a love and hate relationship between many parties. The rewards and recognitions however are worthwhile.

Plastic manufacturing industry has come a long way in breeding small and medium entrepreneurships. The huge demands of plastic for everyday use has spurred the drive to setup manufacturing industries for plastic bag and packaging. But, this has only begun tens of years ago when Handoko Tan, made a turning point in his life to trade plastic. Indeed, his lifetime struggle and achievements were partly featured in BCA Prioritas, a publication from one of Indonesia’s prestigious banking giants i.e Bank Central Asia, a public listed company in Indonesia Stock Exchange (JSX).

Good reputation, credibility, good products & great service, integrated management system, strategic marketing and innovative technology are some of the key elements that eventually become fruitful. In the past few years, Naga Semut as Integrated plastic manufacturer & Exporter has received many awards and recognitions from both government and private sectors in Indonesia. (

The many awarding ceremonies exhibit the determination of all the owners and entrepreneurs and are held to encourage more innovation and advancement in the industry. It sets an exemplary of individual or pioneering spirits of the owners or the companies within the industry pursuing similar goals that are beneficial for the nation's economic growth. On June 24, 2016, upon recommendation based on survey by the Indonesian ministry, government institutions, NGOs, and private sectors, PT Naga Semut and Handoko Tan were announced as recipient in the category of “The Best Quality Plastic Manufacture Company of the Year” during the event of “Indonesian Platinum and Best Corporate Award 2016” in Jakarta. This event itself was devoted to encourage businessmen, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, SME and public figures to aspire more for the nation, to appreciate their persistence, achievement, and contribution to the advancement of the nation.

Noteworthy is the milestone with the 50 years of establishment of Naga Semut, Handoko Tan is determined to move ahead on the discourse of ASEAN Economic Community in early 2016, embracing similar, bigger pool of more informed consumers, and more competitive markets with innovative plastic products. "We would not go this far without the strong support of our consumers, stakeholders, employees and government support" Handoko Tan stated.

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