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Naga Semut is a well-established integrated plastic manufacturer based in Indonesia, Central Java, Kebumen for almost 50 years, with an extensive portfolio of products which includes polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate –based (PET) products.

Naga Semut is a manufacturer of plastic products encompassing blown film and thermos-forming packaging from PP, PE, HDPE, Raffia and PET, the latter of which is our latest product line. When Naga Semut was established in 1967, this company began as a home-based industry and over the years grew extensively to become an integrated plastic manufacturer. We cater the needs of local buyers and also global markets, especially the high conscious demands on the safety and lasting of our eco system which have become ones of our immediate priorities.

Our very first attempt in producing “green” bags started sometime in 2000 when the trend of using green additive was not too popular because of the high cost. However, we sold that idea to our current buyers and possible prospects of this type of green bags that we chose – that is oxo-degradable plastic bags as there are few types of green bags available. The results were controversial as there was not any urgency to implement or change the buyers’ or end-users’ habits, so very few chose “green bags”.

As the years went by, the idea of green living was getting very popular and the local (Indonesian) government finally took strict measures in ensuring at least the modern retailers were “forced” to use this so-called environmentally friendly bags. Consequently, many plastic producers got “green bags” purchase orders, including our company. To reduce further usage of plastic bags, the government also implemented new regulations in early 2016 – the customers of these modern retailers must pay Rp 200,- or equivalent to  USD 0.015,- (If USD 1 = Rp 13,000) per plastic bag.

To support the idea of green living, we have dedicated these latest plastic brands : PRABU and TOPAZ to serve both domestic and global market. We have also ensured that at our facilities and plant, we practice environmentally-friendly production. Our commitment to the green principle, earned Naga Semut the distinction as the only plastic company in the province of Central Java to receive the award from the Governor in commemoration of the World Environment Day in June 2015.

Naga Semut has a vision to become a preferred world-class plastic manufacturer that offers better value in terms of price, quality, range of products, and services. In the process, we also welcome prospective partners to our group of companies to enhance one another and grow together. We also hope that our story could inspire people to DREAM big and take that small steps with faith to achieve their goals.