About Us

Handoko Tan<span>Founder & President Director of Naga Semut</span>

Handoko TanFounder & President Director of Naga Semut

Since its early establishment in 1967, Naga Semut has progressively expanded from home industry to what it has been: an integrated plastic manufacturer. Under the profound leadership of Our President Director, we have committed ourselves to Premium Quality, Customization and Excellence in Service upon delivering high quality plastic packaging throughout Indonesia and worldwide.

We are one solid team and our employees form integral part to what we have come to achieve today. Our employees are like our extended families who have stood by us through thick and thin and dedicated their entire life in the pursuit of perfection in their respective fields and expertise.

Our strategic alliances with some of the most respected players in their industries, which span from our suppliers, clients, and business partners to government agencies, have resulted in win-win solutions.

Currently, Our President Director is preparing Naga Semut for re-generation and continuously increasing our competitiveness in the global market.We also welcome prospective partners to our company to enhance each other and grow together. We have also made significant capital investments in the latest cutting-edge plastic machinery so we can become a preferred global plastic supplier in the near future.

Our Promises & Virtues

Naga Semut adheres to its motto 'Excellence in Service' by delivering superior services to our valued clients e.g.

  1. Guarantee in quality
  2. On time and relatively quick delivery services
  3. Competitive prices
  4. Market updates
  5. Customer Service

In addition, Naga Semut has applied philosophical values over the last 40 years to ensure the satisfaction of our clients in doing business with us Naga Semut’s unwavering values

  1. Enduring Commitment
  2. Integrity
  3. Fairness & ethics
  4. Accountability

Our Community

We recognize the importance of developing empathy in our community since our company was first established. Thus, we have actively supported some social activities of the broader community in which we operate e.g. through educational programs and financial benefits in some local schools.

As passionate as it may seem, we believe we are one and each of us has a portion to make this world a better place to live in, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, etc.

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